Mother’s Day Celebration

Guest Speaker     Dr. Cassie Lockhart 

Dr. Cassie Lockhart has been ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the U.S. and Europe for nearly 20 years. She has an anointed teaching and prophetic ministry. She is an ordained Pastor and has served as a Chaplain for a civilian corporation. She also served as the Assistant Executive Director of One Hundred Fold Fellowship. Dr. C. Co-Founded One Hundred Fold Messianic Assembly and served as Co-Pastor there for 7 years. She receivedher Th.D. from Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary in Tampa, FL.

Dr. C. is a US Army veteran who served her country for 11 years. After serving her country, she shifted her focus to building the Body of Christ. Her message is a strong impartation of maturity, development and accountability. Her straight to the point method of ministry has brought much healing to Body of Christ. She has an anointed teaching ministry along with a heart for women.  Dr. C. currently resides in Mesa, AZ.