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Living in the Glory of the Resurrection

In our Jesus Boot Camp, learning from the Great Commission, we have learned about seeking, chosen, following, and prayer & fasting. We are now ready to move into the third dimension of God. This dimension is “Living in the Glory or the presence of the Risen Savior”.

1. Back to the Future      (April 15, bulletin  ) Audio Sermon

2. Kingdom Citizenship (April 22nd, bulletin)

3. Faith for the Glory: A Taste of Heaven  (April 29, 2018) 

4. Faith for the Glory: Believing for Miracles (May 6th, bulletin)

5. Faith for the Glory: Praying to See and Experience the Glory (May 20th, bulletin)


6. The Faith for a Miracle (May 27th, bulletin) Audio Sermon

7. Faith for the Glory: The Power is within You! (June 3rd, bulletin) Audio Sermon